The Lincolnville Community Redevelopment Agency (LCRA) is responsible for funding projects and programs that eliminate the existing conditions of blight and address the community's desire for change in the neighborhood. Since 2013, the LCRA has initiated a number of programs and funded projects consistent with the Lincolnville Redevelopment Plan (PDF).

Lincolnville Redevelopment Plan Amendment

In 2017 the LCRA worked to update its Redevelopment Plan. An Amendment to the Plan was adopted in June of 2017. This amendment worked to revise the existing programs based on almost five years of implementation. To learn more about this project, view the Lincolnville Redevelopment Plan Amendment (PDF).


The LCRA will also finance any associated costs with the title clearing process, such as filing fees and property surveys. Visit the St. Johns County Legal Aid website for more information.

Mobility & Connectivity

The LCRA has funded and continues to pursue funding of critical sections of sidewalk for improved connectivity for pedestrians. See Annual Reports for improvements completed.

South Street Multi-use Pathway

The LCRA moved forward with the installation of a temporary pathway outlined on the north side of South Street. The pathway has been in place since the beginning of November 2017 to give the Community an opportunity to experience the pathway and provide feedback. The response provided the LCRA with enough feedback to move forward with a more permanent solution.

The City Mobility Team is moving forward with the design of a permanent curbed sidewalk/pathway within the existing right-of-way on the north side of South Street. This pathway will meander around the trees including an alternative more flexible surface to limit impacts on the existing trees. See more detailed information (PDF).

Landscape Master Plan

The Master Plan outlines an overall plan to improve connections, create entrances into Lincolnville, improve or establish pocket parks, improve shade and connections to the existing park areas, and establish a street tree program within Lincolnville.

The goal of the Master Plan is to establish a direction for potential projects that can be accomplished over time. This gives the LCRA an opportunity to set priorities for projects and then set the LCRA budget to move forward with specific projects from the overall Plan. View the Landscape Master Plan (PDF). View overall preliminary cost estimates (PDF) reviewed with the LCRA.

Recreation Areas & Natural Resources

The Lincolnville Redevelopment Plan supports the improvement and accessibility of neighborhood recreation and natural areas. Recently, the LCRA contributed to a new 11-acre passive park located at the southern end of Lincolnville.

Dedicated as Dr. Robert B. Hayling Freedom Park after a prominent local Civil Rights leader who passed away, the LCRA funded an entryway feature with landscaping and signage, as well as a pathway around the western portion of the Park.

Sign for Dr. Robert B. Hayling Freedom Park

Community Engagement

To engage the community, the LCRA sponsored a newsletter for the Lincolnville neighborhood, which was mailed out to all addresses and property owners in the community redevelopment area. In recent years, the Annual Report replaced the newsletter. The newsletter features stories regarding:

  • Businesses
  • Cultural centers
  • Local churches
  • Neighborhood events
  • Residents

It also serves as a way for staff and committee members to communicate the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) fundamentals and current initiatives.