Institutional Rehab

An issue recognized by the Lincolnville Community Redevelopment Agency (LCRA) Redevelopment Plan Amendment (PDF) was the need to help larger institutional type properties. A program was created as part of the Amendment to allow the LCRA to budget money to assist larger, institutional type uses with stabilization, rehabilitation or other maintenance issues. The Rehabilitation Program allows for an application process for these type of properties to apply for assistance.

Step 1: How to Apply

The LCRA Administrator accepts applications on a rolling basis and applicants are notified of approval based on funds available in the budget. To begin the application process, complete the following forms and forward to the LCRA Administrator.

Forms Due at Application

  1. Application (PDF) and all required documentation
  2. Owner's Authorization (PDF)

These forms should be submitted to:
Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Administrator
c/o City of St. Augustine Financial Services Department
50 Bridge Street
St. Augustine, FL 32085

Step 2: Approval Notification

We will notify you of your approval to participate in the Institutional Rehabilitation Program. Once notified, additional forms must be completed for processing. You will be required to complete the following forms and forward original documents to the City Attorney's Office.

Forms Due Upon Notification of Approval

  1. Release and Waiver (PDF)
  2. Institutional Grant Covenant (PDF)
  3. Institutional Grant Lien (PDF) (filed when work commences based on final amount approved)
  4. Grant Program Chart (PDF) (for informational purposes)

These forms should be submitted to:
Isabelle Lopez, City Attorney
City of St. Augustine
75 King Street
P.O. Box 210
St. Augustine, FL 32085